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Do you have a manufacturing or tool and die business that is looking to market business worldwide? If so, could be the perfect domain name for your web presence or online store!


As more car companies enterprise in the online market, the need for good domain names increases. This fact allows for huge money-making potential while domains like this are still available. Don't pass it up!

A couple of uses for this domain could include:

  • A Wholesale Tool Outlet
  • A Site For a Manufacturing Business
  • A Site For Digitally-Assisted Tool
  • And Much More...

According to Google's keyword analytics, we can find the search volume of our domain's keywords. The first term "tool" is searched for an average 450,000 times per month and has a top page pay-per-click (PPC) of $0.94. While the second term, "tech" sports 49,500 searches per month with a $4.00 top page bid. Lastly, the term "systems" is searched 49,500 times with an top of page bid of $1.03. Additionally, GoDaddy marks "tech" and "systems" as popular and widely used keywords. Also, the keyword "tool" is tagged as high value with an average sale price of $2,081!


Here are some examples of what domain names of this caliber sell for:

  • $647,100
  • $28,500
  • $14,500
  • $11,000
  • $10,800

Act fast! When this domain name sells, it will be very difficult to purchase later if it is already in use. While you still have the chance, buy this domain and start your business today!

If you are willing to make us a reasonable offer on this name, we would be willing to sell it outright, or even lease to own. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us using the form below.

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