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Are you looking to provide a platform for cryptocurrency transactions? Be it an exchange or a marketplace, can suit the task!


In the current cryptocurrency market, there is a lack of outlets to buy and sell products for cryptocurrencies. Granted, some businesses accept cryptocurrencies in tandem to fiat currencies; however, there has yet to be proper cryptocurrency marketplace to be seen. The other foreseeable option is to create a crypto-exchange in which cryptocurrencies are bought and sold similar to stocks. Both are good options, but these are just examples and this domain could be used to many different types of cryptocurrency-related commerce.

According to Google, the term "crypto" has been searched for 60,500 times on average monthly and has a massive top page bid of $10.44! While the term "merchants" is searched for an average 40,500 times every month and has a top page bid of $3.28. Furthermore, the domain is not only an easily memorable name, it also contains the valuable keyword "crypto" which has an average sale price of $2846 according to GoDaddy. 


Here are some examples of what similar domain names sell for:

  • $2,495
  • $4,900
  • $5,353

Act fast! When this domain name sells, it will be very difficult to purchase later if it is already in use. This name is perfect for a the new market that is cryptocurrency!

If you are willing to make us a reasonable offer on this name, we would be willing to sell it outright, or even lease to own. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us using the form below.


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